Benfatti Air Conditioning and Heating


Benfatti has a loyal following because of extraordinary service and responsiveness to clients. The company wanted to grow the business by expanding market share in a very competitive environment. While celebrating 25 years was a huge positive, order it also focused on the somewhat outdated branding for the company. In a time of emphasis on advanced technology, ed Benfatti needed to bring their branding up to date.


With the help of Fabre Smith & Co., pills a new more contemporary logo design was created and applied to all marketing executions including sales collateral, website, social media etc. Especially notable was a new wrap for the vans and truck designs and uniforms. Benfatti now stands out as being forward thinking ahead of the curve in terms of technology and knowledge. A Certified Trane Specialist, Benfatti takes advantage of cooperative spending but all under the Benfatti brand. Online marketing is also a big part of the marketing mix.