We've had the great pleasure of working with Janet and her team over the past several years. Her professionalism, keen insight into how to best competitively position our brand, and ability to make recommendations that fit our budget all made her a true partner in our marketing efforts. We especially appreciated her strategic planning skills – she is someone who puts great thought and consideration into creating complete solutions. We highly recommend Janet and her team for any business looking for a turnkey marketing partner who is sensitive to staying within budget while offering smart options. A true professional!
Rhett Majoria
Working with Janet and her team at Fabre Smith & Co has been such a great pleasure. We often say that it feels like we are the only client they have!!! They are future-minded, willing to help with anything, and always thinking with our best interest at heart. Thanks to Fabre Smith, our growth to a company of over 150 employees was made much smoother. Thank you for always making us feel we are #1.
Seth Holloway
We brought in Fabre Smith & Co to help update our branding as an important strategy in taking our company to the next level. They conducted extensive research to help us really define our brand and a strong competitive position for the company. Fabre Smith & Co also served as our virtual Marketing Department during an important growth phase, and assisting with trade show marketing, advertising and website development. Our increased investment in marketing and branding really paid off, as we became recognized as a leader in our category and enjoyed a big increase in invitations to compete for business. I would highly recommend the Fabre Smith & Co team for any businesses with serious growth goals — they will be a great asset!
Jay Meral
Janet’s winning combination of knowledge, symptoms experience, purchase and personal service was evident in the marketing plan she created. She listened, website understood and tailored the plan specifically to our needs; it was presented as a structured process ready for implementation and tracking; and her motivational attitude and follow-up created an environment for success.
Janet was VP & COO of Logan Marketing. She was the liaison between the agency and our marketing offices. She spearheaded the delivery of a steady stream of creative projects that were executed flawlessly and created positive impact. Janet has the uncanny ability to anticipate the needs of her clients and deliver. I relied heavily on her support and her role expanded over the years we worked together. If you would like further detail do not hesitate to contact me directly.
I had the opportunity to work with Janet for much of 2010 providing social media marketing,purchase strategy and execution to a healthcare provider in Louisiana. Janet was the absolute best account lead I have ever worked with. She swiftly handled multiple contact points and was able to streamline information both to me, treatment as the strategist, but also back to the client, clearly and effectively. She understands how to build and manage client relationships and never failed to impress me with her knowledge of the industry at hand or poise within the client relationship. Janet is an absolute joy to work with.