Business owners today face a dizzying array of options for promoting their company and their brand.

Put yourself in their shoes: the choices are endless… Facebook, Twitter, billboards, e-mail, public relations. How do you choose? What and how much? And then stay on top of it all? Most business owners don’t have the time or knowledge to do it.

Fabre Smith & Co can help. We create a virtual marketing department for our clients with a hand selected team of professionals who guide them through the marketing maze and manage the work for them.

From social media to websites to defining a brand’s competitive advantage, we can write the plan and then make it happen. We act as the marketing quarterback to ensure consistency and continuity across all advertising channels.

Brand Management

  • Brand Positioning
  • Logos, Identity
  • Experiential Audits
  • Website Strategies
  • Sales Collateral

Strategic Marketing

  • Mini Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Blueprint
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Sales Strategies
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Department for Hire

Customer Connections

  • Social Media
  • Public Relations
  • Traditional Advertising Campaigns
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Digital Advertising